Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Semester Final Review 12/12

As far as reviews and critiques go, we couldn't ask for anymore:

Complete presentation.
-Presentation boards and game prototype
-Slideshow/ Powerpoint
-Documented Process
-Porto's Bakery of course

-Dori Littell-Herrick
Assistant Professor, Chair of Animation

-Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter
Assistant Professor, Architecture, and Assistant Chair, Architecture Department

-John Southern
Assistant Professor, Advisor

-David Schwartz
Assistant Professor, Advisor

-Aaron Whelton
Assistant Professor, Visiting Advisor

(not present: Mohamed Sarif, Visiting Advisor)

Feedback from Final Review:

-Gameboard pieces showcase how one (especially a child 3-11 )can easily start to make relationships and connections on the peices themselves
-Gameboard pieces are very simple and and have executable amount of moves. You may consider keeping the head and body at the same proportion.
-Gameboard pieces can maybe three dimensional in some aspects. Definite possibility of verticality to be introduced in the game.
-Color would definitely help in determining moves and hierarchies in the game.
-Gameboard should be more than a collage, because it can help determine moves and rules in the game. Also, the boards can have a theme for every neighborhood in Los Angeles. (Helps continue the popularity of the game.)
-Gameboard could also be arrange and configured in the same spirit of the game pieces.
Indeed, it has to mentioned that, besides the recognition for the collaboration between Vince and I, the indepedent study did yield cross -learning aspects from both graphic design and architecture. Our next step is take Winter 2007 to fine tune the game and propose it to Munky King. Watch for more updates in 2007!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

game / character pieces

Thursday, December 07, 2006

sublimation of organization

How do you communicate your research?
How do you make a product out of your research?
What is the benefit of that product?

-And how does it work and why?

We are now wrapping things up for our first formal review at Woodbury University.(5 days, oh my!) We do not look it as a "make it or break it" situation, but more as an important step the project and independent study. We are proposing a prototype puzzle game to describe what our research states of how Hollywood&Highland operates.

The image above show what the characters are going to look like and the images below show how the game might work. (We are still refining a few details!) But in all, we are satisfied with this strategy in making a product of our research because it focuses on human relations that occur on the street level in a sublime way. Naive, maybe. However, its about recognizing and re-interpretation. We are hoping for some puzzle fun in 5 days!

click on the images below!
(more details to come)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Going back to boards again...
It was obvious that we were doing the "circulating around the bullseye thing", but not honing on what the theme of the project is about and how do vinyl toys help our cause. So we took the project back flash cards to find a common thread amongst the reasearch and drawings.

For the PECHA KUCHA night at the Mountain Bar in Chinatown, Los Angeles, we wanted to showcase and celebrate this type of process. We took photos of the cards featuring ideas, images and quotes and have every slide to the next set of cards related to the previous set. (Notice: Vinyl toy is the first card because that was our main priority in the beginning.) Organization and delibration of ideas is an important lesson for every design student. Enjoy and comment...

More information on PECHA KUCHAhere.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Munny, Munny, Munny.....

I love Munnies! Don't you? Check out these personalized munnies below and click hereto see the gallery at Vinyl Pulse.

Stars, Santa, oh my!

Its that time again! The 75th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade will be taking place today from 5pm-7pm! You can read about the history of celebrities and grand marshalls here.

Now, refering to our previous post on identified sub-conditions of face value, this would follow under the event takeover since Hollywood and Highland does become shutdown and possibly Inverse terminal as well- the Parade only passes through Hollywood and Highland.(refer the map image above)

Again, thanks for those who watched our presentation at the last Pecha Kucha night at the Mountain Bar. Finals our coming up at Woodbury and so is an important part of the TOY ICON PROJECT. Keep checking in!


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What it could be...

We are still trying to nail down what the final product will be. Any feedback or ideas based on the research is welcome...

This is a _______________ that _______________ by _______________.

Back to the boards...